The Roach Family in their 1951 Prairie Spooner, Site holders for 10 years

Scott and Kathy in their 1955 Dalton, Site holders for 3 years

The Carpenter Family in their 2010 Milan, Site holders for 7 years

Cindy and Dana in their 1979 Silver Streak, Site holders for 7 years

Chris in her 1973 Frolic, Site holder for 6 months

Annual Site Memberships

Pinecrest Retreat is a getaway destination for people who love nature and community.  We pride ourselves on our rustic campground, clean and vintage themed buildings, and of course our solar heated pool.  Pinecrest has over 150 sites on its sprawling 80 acres of oak, cedar, and pine forest.  Our membership offers you a vacation spot in the woods.  You can leave your trailer full time with the freedom to take it out for a weekend’s adventure.


  • How much is a site?

A site that has access to water is $1,850/year and a site with electricity is $2,550/year (electrical sites are limited). All sites vary in terms of size, shade, and privacy.

  • Can I live at Pinecrest Retreat?

No, we are purely recreational and do not allow people to live on site.

  • Can I have a month to month membership?

No, we only offer annual memberships.

  • Is water only on seasonally to certain sites?

Due to the water system being above ground, much of the Park’s water is shut off November until April.  Water is always on the in the main buildings.

  • Do the sites have septic?

No, none of our sites have septic.  We do have a dump station on-site for site holders’ use.

  • How do water-only sites get power?

Water-only site holders use either a solar set-up or run a generator during the day to charge their batteries. 

  • Can I build something at my site such a deck, pergola, or small shed?

Yes, we encourage people to be creative with their site.  We ask for a rough outline to be approved before construction starts.

  • What amenities come with the membership?

You have access to your site 365 days of the year.  We have two sets of bathrooms on-site with hot showers and flushing toilets.  The Clubhouse has a vintage themed Paradise Lounge for site holders use.  Site holders have access to the pool 6 days a week from Memorial Day weekend till late September.  Trash, recycling, and dump station are located on-site.

  • Does my trailer have to be vintage?

No, we do allow newer trailers but only in certain areas of the Park.

  • Can I become a site holder if I have a RV?

Yes, we require RVs to have current DMV registration, be movable, and have a drip pan under the engine.

  • Does Pinecrest offer events?

We do host a variety of Summer events from themed parties, movies, to live music.  An event calendar is in the Pinecrest Retreat Newsletter and posted on the bulletin board of the Clubhouse.

  • Are there hiking trails at Pinecrest?

Yes, we have a trail that overlooks the Salton Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

  • Do you have internet on-site?

    Internet is available near the snack shop when the pool is open.  It is limited to email and browsing – NO DOWNLOADS or STREAMING.

If you are thinking about becoming a site holder and want more information or to view vacant sites, please book a tour.  You can set up an appointment by calling 760.765.0464 or emailing


Dick and Nancy in their 1993 Sunchaser, Site holders for 28 years


Jackie and Chris in their 2006 Springdale,  Site holders for 5 years

Ron in his 1953 Royal Spartanette, Site holder for 12 years