About Us


Pinecrest Retreat was established in 1961 by General Dynamics Corporation - Convair (an American aircraft manufacturing company) as a place for their employees to recreate.  Back in the Pinecrest’s hayday, there was a waiting list for annual spots and an occupancy of 400 site holders.  By 1994 General Dynamics sold the Convair Division and Pinecrest was sold into private ownership.  The vintage vibe of Pinecrest Retreat originated around the old-time trailers left behind from 1961.  Our mission today is to connect people with nature, community and the classic American travel-trailers. 


Jill Riggs: Park Director (daughter of owners Frank and Kathleen).  Jill is a UC Santa Cruz graduate. She loves the outdoors, gardening and travel. If you call or email Pinecrest Retreat, you will probably speak with Jill.  Jill can be seen around Pinecrest many days of the week, making sure the facilities are running smoothly. Jill is the on-site go-to representative.



Wilson RiggsFacilities Director (husband of Jill). Wilson is an out-doorsman extraordinaire.  Wilson graduated from UC Santa Barbara and started his career as a Mountain Guide in the Sierra Nevada (that’s where he and Jill met).  He has hiked the John Muir Trail thirteen times.  You can see him most days at Pinecrest with a tool in his hand.  He is responsible for the creation of our Vintage Trailer Fleet.  At Pinecrest he works hard to get facility improvements done right, and there is always more of that to do.



Jill Corlew: Pool Staff. Jill manages the Swim Club, greets all who enter the Clubhouse, coordinates check-ins to the Vintage Rental Trailers, and most importantly make everyone smile. Jill is the go-to lady for snacks and candy and know where the band-aids are kept and how to use them! She is the one to go to with any questions while at Pinecrest. If she doesn't know the answer to the question, she'll find out.



Valerie and Rosi: Camp Hosts.  Valerie is a member of the Technomania Circus and is writing a mystery novel.  Rosi is an avid swimmer and chainsaw artist.  Celebrating their third and second year as our Camp Hosts, Valerie and Rosi know the ins and outs of Pinecrest.  You have a question or issue during the night – they can help.


Kathleen Rosenow and husband Frank SpevacekVisionaries.  Kathleen and Frank purchased Pinecrest in 2005 with the intent of nurturing the land and its facilities back to good health (a portion of the 85 acres was burned in the 2003 Cedar Fire).  It has been a journey of steps forward and backward but much has been accomplished.  Kathleen retired from her career as a community improvement advocate to devote more energy to the Pinecrest Retreat community. She’s the business manager, investor, sometimes cheerleader. Frank is the City Manager for the City of La Quinta and enjoys spending weekends at Pinecrest with family & friends.